Monday, 20 June 2016

New Blog

Hello lovelies,
I am so sad I let go of this blog but I have good news, I started blogging again with one of my very good friend which will help with the maintenance of the site since going to university plus working can become a bit hectic. Here is the new site where we will be posting about inspirational things, beauty, yoga, nutrition, travel and where will we also be giving advice on various subjects.
Love always, me xoxo

Friday, 25 September 2015


Hi lovelies, it's been so long since I've last posted and I'm sorry about that, things got a bit hectic and well they still are since I have started University at McGill. But I have restarted making my favorite cookies which is super easy and fast to make. I literally do them in 7 minutes haha and it makes for a perfect snack to bring with you.

You'll need:
-2-3 bananas that are on the verge of not being good anymore
-1 cup of oats approximately

Toppings can vary, mine usually include:
- vegan chocolate chips or regular chocolate chips
-  dried cranberries
Other toppings:
- coconut flakes
- peanut butter
- dried raisins

-Oven at 350 degrees
-you'll need to smash the bananas in a bowl
-add your toppings and mix it all up
- place on a cookie sheet
- put in the over for 10-12 minutes and voila!


Sunday, 7 June 2015


I thought I would let you guys in on some of my favorite TV shows. I am quite picky when it comes to television series but I have found some pretty great ones recently which I thought I should share with you.

1. Pretty Little Liars
I cannot express my love towards this show more. It is simply amazing. I restarted watching the series and I have to admit the first season is quite dull compared to the rest of the seasons. So if you did not like the first season, try to get past is because it is totally worth watching.

2. New Girl
I just started watching this show about 2 weeks ago and I am in total love with it. If you're looking for a good show to watch that is not too long and is just sweet and funny, definitely check it out.

3. Dance Moms
I am in love with this show from the start! It is amazing and I loved watching them grow up and evolve. Since I was a competitive figure skater, I can so relate with these girls and the pressure and drama. Makes me nostalgic.

4. Orange is the New Black.
Again amazing show with some drama in it and comedy. Really good with good acting. You seem to just forget your reality and get sucked into the show when watching it. Even my boyfriend enjoyed it and he does not enjoy any shows that I watch haha.

5. Grace and Frankie.
I have to say this is now one of my favorite shows. I ended up watching the first season in 3 days! It is so sweet and funny with a little touch of sadness. These two enemies who've become best friends in my opinion are just the sweetest. I love this show and them!

Love always, me xxx

Sunday, 31 May 2015


Today I thought to share with you guys my battle with my eating disorder. For one of my classes, we had to write a children's book about a struggle in society, something you could really relate to. I wrote about my eating disorder, evidently, and my teacher asked me to give my book to the Montreal children hospital... I could not say no, especially that it meant my story could help someone in need.
Since my story with my battle has only been shown to them, I thought I should share it here, so that it could help anyone who falls upon it.
I hope you enjoy reading this and this post is not only to help someone who has an eating disorder, it can also help someone understand what's going on in the mind of the person who has the disorder.

p.s while writing the story, I did not use my real name because we shared our stories in class and I did not feel the need to share with people that part of my life. So in the story, I am "Alice".

Interview with Alice

What do you think triggered the eating disorder?
I was going through a lot of problems at home, my grand-mother was diagnosed with cancer and she was my best friend. My ex-boyfriend was very manipulative and I was juggling being a competitive figure skater which added a lot of pressure. I felt like everything was out of my control.

When did you realize you had the disorder and how long did you have it?
It was a gradual process and I had it for three years. I knew how I was feeling and what I was doing was abnormal. I felt like all eyes were on me judging me on my weight and how ugly I looked in clothes and how fat I looked in my skating outfits. I was not eating all day and working out until I felt I was going to pass out. Then I’d munch on a little something and continue working out or go to sleep.
When I finally really realized I had a problem, I broke down. I was getting ready for skating and told my mom I looked like a “hippo”. She was fed up of how ridiculous I sounded. She grabbed me by my hips putting me in front of her facing the mirror and said “you’re not fat!” Being in front of my mom, I saw both sides of her body. I always thought I was much bigger than my mom or anyone, that’s when I realized what I was seeing wasn’t reality.
How did you feel during the process?
Aside from feeling fat, I felt very alone, always tired, weak and thought so little of myself. My grades were horrible, I lost most of my friends and didn’t want to do anything but work out.
The whole point of being anorexic is to feel in control yet I felt out of control. The disorder was taking over everything. All day I would think about whether I should eat or not, what should I eat if I was going to eat and for how long I would work out. One of the only good feelings was when I didn’t eat. I liked the feeling of being starved.  

What was your lowest weight when you were anorexic?
My lowest weight was 92 pounds which is 20-23 pounds lighter than I am now. I had periods where I would “binge eat” for a week out of nowhere and then just restrict myself from eating again. By “binge eat” I just mean that I ate 6 chocolate cookies a day. My obsession was cookies, when I would get in that phase I somehow could not resist it.

What were the symptoms you experienced?
I would bruise extremely easily, my hair was brittle and I developed a breathing problem. I thought I was having a heart attack at times and once I fainted and was rushed to the hospital. I would have terrible mood swings and become aggressive or depressed. I even had stopped getting my period for sometimes three to six months.
Once you realized you had anorexia, why didn’t you want to recover?
I liked feeling delicate and feeling light when I was doing my jumps in skating. I didn’t want to gain weight and lose that feeling. The other reason I didn’t want to get better was I felt strong and in control which is something that I never felt before. In some way it was comforting, like a security blanket.

What made you want to get better and recover?
I wanted to be happy again but mostly I saw I was not only hurting myself in the process. I was probably hurting the people around me more than myself because I was in denial and they saw what I was doing to myself. I saw people I never saw cry before. I wanted to get better for me and the people I loved.

Did you see a psychologist or nutritionist in the recovery process?
I saw a psychologist not a nutritionist because I knew I wouldn't follow the nutritionist’s plan. The psychologist helped on the spot to release some of my feelings but overall it didn't help in the process. It’s really a battle you need to fight against yourself unfortunately. Support from friends and family help but you need to want to recover to recover.
How would you describe the recovery process?
The recovery process was hard. I relapsed a couple of times and lied about my food intake, but it’s normal. It’s all part of the process.
I had a lot of friends once I was recovering and I was going out a lot which kept me occupied. They knew I was recovering so they kept an eye out for me. Both my friends and family gave me a lot of support and love.
It was hard seeing that I was gaining a bit of weight but I stopped feeling like I was “fat” and I was enjoying being happy and with friends so I didn't care at that point.

When could you say you officially recovered?
It becomes a part of you. Almost no one FULLY recovers from it. You’ll always have moments you’ll want to go back to it. Either when you feel fat and bad in your skin or just when your life seems to be out of control.
But, I recovered once I left my boyfriend at the time and decided to just skate for my own enjoyment and not for others. I think once letting go of things strangling you, it’s a big weight lifted off. It’s essential for the recovery process to realize you have a problem, realizing what the problem is and then getting rid of it.
How do you fight off the temptation of going back?
It’s quite hard at times. My boyfriend and one of my good friend knows about it, so I either talk to them or I just remember how happy I am now and ask myself do I really want to go back to feeling miserable and never satisfied with the results? I quickly remember there is no point giving in to that temptation.

How do you feel now without anorexia?
I feel better and “skinnier” than I have ever felt. During the process, the disorder takes over. You can be just bones and still think you’re fat. I eat a ton but healthy, I exercise moderately, I have a boyfriend, friends and my grades are all 90s. I feel better in my skin and I have a lot more energy to do things and enjoy life.
Do you ever allow yourself to eat treats like your cookies?
You have to, to maintain a peaceful mind. Some days are harder to allow myself to eat a treat but I fight it to fight off the demon – anorexia. If not I feel I’ll fall back in its trap.  I don’t eat junk often simply for health reason and because it disrupts my hormone function. But if I want popcorn or cookies, I will eat it.

Lastly, when you say you eat a ton, what do you mean by a ton?

I just mean I’ll eat all the required meals. I’ll eat breakfast, lunch and supper and I eat snacks throughout the day. I never leave the house without food now which is quite funny when comparing it to before. I use to throw away the food that my mom forced me to bring to school or I use to hide the food in front of me when I was surrounded by people so it looked like I ate. I would hide the food in my pockets, throw it on the floor or sneaked some of the food in the garbage.Now I just eat whenever I’m hungry. It’s healthier and if I wanted to lose weight, I can still do it with a healthy diet and exercise. There is no point not to eat.

National Eating Disorders Association Helpline at 1-800-931-2237 or

If ever anyone feels alone or feels the need to talk, do not hesitate to talk to me. I promise recovery is possible and one of the most satisfying feeling.
If you want a more in depth view on anorexia (for anyone who has a family member suffering from this or if you are just interested or curious) I suggest watching the movie For the Love of Nancy. It is an amazing movie that demonstrates many symptoms of an eating disorder and the stages of it.

Love always, me xxx

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Thursday, 28 May 2015


Today, I thought I would post about one of my biggest struggles which is my skin. I'm probably the most self conscious person when it comes to my skin. You will never see me without foundation basically. This post took a lot of courage from me to even think about doing but I know I'm not alone with suffering from severe breakouts or acne. My skin was doing extremely well for about 6 months and lately I've been quite stress, I've been sleeping less and lacking in my diet. Therefore I recently got a huge breakout like I use to get all the time. This time it wasn't leaving and it was hurting and going to work or seeing people was such an effort because I had such a low esteem of myself.

Anyways, I went to see my doctor  about it to see if she could do anything about it without me having to see a dermatologist. She prescribed me BenzaClin and thank you god for this. It is working so well! To give you an idea, I'm posting picture down below. 
Like I said this post took so much effort for me to do, but if this can help just one of you I'm happy because I know living with acne and breakouts is one of the worse things, it literally can suck your happiness away. 

*During my breakout

*After one week of using BenzaClin

I know the picture is quite gross to look at and that the second picture my skin is still not perfect but it has helped so much and in such a quick amount of time. Of course I am back into my routine to taking better care of myself now that I see how bad it affects me. So I'm back on track!
I really hope this helped you guys and that you liked this post. 
Love always, me xxx

Sunday, 24 May 2015


Hi my lovelies,
today I am posting my 'me time' tag video. I saw Essie Button (blog - YouTube) and Amelia Liana's (Blog - YouTube) video (which they created) and I just found it so cute and such a great idea! I am a huge advocate for me time, I find it so important to find time in your day to do something you love or something that will make you feel special, even if that's just watching your favorite TV show or read your favorite book, go for a walk or just pampering yourself.
I realized once I don't make time for myself, I'm actually more anxious and less happy. Now I always try to find time to make myself happy because overall it can impact your day in such a positive way.

The questions are:
What do you watch or read during me-time?
What do you wear during me-time? #nobra
What are your me-time beauty products?
Current favourite nail polish? 
What do you eat/drink during me-time? 
Current favourite candle?
Do you ever have outdoor me-time? 
Would you ever go see a movie alone? 
Favourite online shop? 
Anything to add? What else do you do during me-time? 

So if you are curious to see what I do during me time, just watch my video :) 

Let me know what you guys like doing on 'me time', because I am just as curious and also it's fun to change up my routine sometimes.

Love always me xxx

Wednesday, 20 May 2015


As some of you may know, I recently just got accepted into the program of my choice, teaching elementary school (SO EXCITED). Taking a semester off school to work, my desk has slowly become an area in my room where I just pile on junk, book. clothes and more junk haha. As I was saying, ever since my acceptance, my desk area has become a main focus of mine to improve. After all with university starting, I of course will be spending most of my time at my desk.
You'll also know, if you saw my video, that unorganized/messy areas make me extremely anxious. So lately, I've been going on pinterest a lot to look at some desk area and organization ideas (makes me so happy). So here are some of my inspiration for my soon desk areas.
I hope you enjoy these.

*loving these pops of color

Love always, me xxx